Welcome and thank you for visiting the web page for the Lake Tahoe Jewish Early Learning Center. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call Shaina at 530-314-7677 or [email protected]JewishTahoe.com. 

Our Philosophy:

The Jewish Early Learning Center is a once a week program on Thursdays, that unites children, teachers, family and community in a positive and constructive early childhood experience.

A child is viewed as a seed that we nurture with the utmost care.

Our Jewish values drive the curriculum, environment and school culture. We model and encourage kindness, respect, compassion, confidence and responsibility. Judaism teaches that the formative years of early childhood are vitally important. A child is viewed as a seed that we nurture with the utmost care, since the seed's every experience will shape and color the quality of its matured self.

Judaism underscores the uniqueness of every child with the axiom "chanoch l'naar al pi darko," teaching us to train children according to their individual paths. We recognize that each child has his or her unique needs, interests and passions. Our children are viewed as collaborators: they are competent, curious, inquisitive, unique, and creative.

We believe in an experiential and intentional approach to teaching and learning. This approach fosters children's intellectual development as they are encouraged to explore their environment and express themselves through words, movement, drawing, painting, playing and other natural modes of expression. We promote an environment where children can develop the critical thinking and problem solving skills for a successful and meaningful life.

About the Classroom – How learning happens:

These early years are a unique time in children’s lives.  Young children are discovering a world that is filled with wonder and excitement.  The 2 to 5-year-old stage of life is very unique.  Our children are growing from being dependent toddlers to more independent preschoolers.  Our program will prepare your child with life skills by offering a variety of learning centers.  The centers will challenge the total child: physically, emotionally, socially and cognitively.

We recognize that every child has unique learning styles and play interests.  With this in mind, we provide a differentiated curriculum that is adapted for each child.  For example, if a child expresses an interest in art, we will provide the opportunities and encourage the child to draw, paint and print.

The curriculum is an integrated curriculum, a seamless weave, combining thematic units with language, art, drama, music, math and science. Continuing the hands-on approach to activities, Judaics include Challah baking, Hebrew songs as well as other Jewish holiday activities.

Children will be able to test their own skills by engaging in both child initiated and teacher directed activities.  Independence skills and self-esteem are key factors in success at this stage.  The activities presented lay the foundation for future learning.

Daily Schedule:

9:00 - Welcome. Open play

9:30 - Circle time

9:45 - Snack

10:00 - Active play

10:45 - Challah baking

11:10 - Project time. Curriculum based learning activities

12:00 - Lunch

12:25 - Shabbat party

12:45 - Goodbye circle and Story time

1:00 - Pick up