Introducing the Lake Tahoe Yeshivas Kayitz

This program is designed for Bochurim looking to spend their summer in a Chassidishe atmosphere, learning and exploring the breathtaking scenery of Lake Tahoe and the surrounding Sierra Nevada mountains. 

The program will be directed by veteran educator Rabbi Hertzie Richler from Los Angeles and Rabbi Mordey Richler from Chabad at Lake Tahoe. It will be based out of the Lake Tahoe Chabad Center. 

We are offering an environment like no other. A high level of Chassidishkeit in a warm intimate setting, surrounded by Tahoe’s natural beauty, the Sierra Nevada mountains with Lake Tahoe’s sapphire-blue water. Shluchim from surrounding areas will come to inspire and learn with the bochrim. An abundance of learning, farbrenging, inspiration, hiking, boating and biking are just some of what this program has planned. 

DATES: Monday Aug. 3- Sunday Aug. 23

RATE: $1850  

If you are looking for a Yeshivas Kayitz B’Gashmius U’vruchnius, then this program is for you!

Please let us know if you have any questions,  

Rabbi Hertzie Richler - 323-344-2726 Email:

Rabbi Mordey Richler - 530-545-3163 Email: