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Over the course of the the six lessons of Journey of the Soul, we'll discuss:

  • Understanding Life: What is a soul? Is it possible to expire before our time is up? Is death painful for the soul? How does Judaism define life? And how do we reconcile Judaism's emphasis on the here and now with the eternality of the soul?
  • Getting Older: Are there benefits to aging? What matters most in life? And, realizing that we only live once, what is the best way to utilize the time we have left?
  • Transition: What happens to us when we die? Are souls able to communicate with us from heaven? Do our loved ones in heaven still care about us? What is the significance of the rituals associated with burial? How do they assist the soul's transition into the afterlife?
  • The Afterlife: What is reincarnation? How does it work? Does Judaism believe in ghosts and spirits? Does everyone go to heaven?
  • Mourning: Once the soul is in heaven, is it possible to ascend to new spiritual heights? What can we do to assist the soul in the afterlife? We explore the emotional, spiritual, and practical steps of the grieving process and discuss how we can benefit the soul once it's already in the hereafter.
  • The Final Destination: What is the final destination? Is death permanent? Does Judaism believe in resurrection? Is it possible that we may one day be reunited with our loved ones?