Are you looking for an easy and enjoyable Pesach?

Introducing... Pesach in Tahoe

-Experience Pesach in Lake Tahoe and discover the pristine beauty of this breathtaking region.
-Communal Seders
-Kosher Catering
-Leave the hassle of cleaning and kashering
-Reserve your home today!

Here is some more information about the Pesach villa program, located in Lake Tahoe:

  • Your home can be prepared and ready for Pesach. This includes: Kashering the kitchen (price ranges between $300-$500).
  • Join our communal seder ($65/Adult - $40/Child).
  • Chabad can help you with finding a home/condo or you're welcome to find one on your own. Click here for a sample home. 
  • NOTE: All Minyans over Pesach will be located at Chabad
  • We currently do NOT offer a kids camp.  
  • There is an over abundance of wonderful activities to do here that are fun for the whole family, including: Skiing, snow-tubing, biking, swimming, boating, hiking, fishing, ropes course and more.

Contact us for a hassle free and easy Pesach 530-314-7677 or