Looking for an easy and enjoyable Pesach?
Leave the hassle of cleaning and kashering and experience Pesach in Lake Tahoe

Discover the pristine beauty of this breathtaking region.

We have partnered with Lieder's to offer a full menu of gourmet Pesach delicacies delivered to Lake Tahoe.
For a full menu visit click here.

Chabad can help you find a home/condo or you're welcome to find one on your own.  

Click here for a list of homes from VRBO

Your home can be prepared and ready for Pesach. Kashering prices ranges between $360-$540.

All Minyans over Pesach will be located at Chabad

There is an over abundance of wonderful activities to do here that are fun for the whole family, including: Skiing, snow-tubing, biking, swimming, boating, hiking, fishing, ropes course and more.

Contact us for a hassle free and easy Pesach [email protected]