Your opportunity to join the Chai Partners of the growing Chabad at Lake Tahoe community. Your monthly contribution will help sustain our many programs, events, and services in the Lake Tahoe area.

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On behalf of the entire Chabad community, THANK YOU!

Thank you to the current partners:

Dassie Richler

Chanie Richler

Yanky Richler

Philip Schloss

Shmully Shapiro

Yehuda and Chava Bolotin

Mendel and Rachy Simons

Zalman and Yehudis Simons

Shmar and Chava Richler

Bruce and Rochelle Backman

Turk Family

Yanky and Chayale Komar

Moishe and Itta Simons

Getzy and Mushka Raskin

Michael Elterman

Marvin and Jan Weissberger

Richler Family, LA

Charles Whitten  

Ski Run Marina

Yossi & Doba Schlass 

Mike & Helen Abel